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Animals are learning 24 hours a day, in all situations. We have an important responsibility to ensure those experiences are beneficial for the animal in order to fully understand the world it lives in. ‘

Whether you want to train a Komodo dragon, a fish, penguin or dog – all species operate under the same learning principles as you and I. Provide the right communication, correct motivation and establish a strong, trusting bond with an animal and you have the ingredients to successful animal training.

Jade uses humane, scientific based behavioural interventions to reduce specific behaviours that are undesirable, while simultaneously promoting new behaviours and skills that are desirable. She will provide management strategies and develop skills and interventions such as social/behavioural training, enrichment and desensitisation.

We can help you achieve a greater understanding of your pet and the needs that they have by providing in depth information on body language, psychology and learning styles. Whether you have shared your life with pets for many years or are just starting out, there are no limitations with using operant conditioning techniques to interact with your animals.

Services provided:
Adoption Guidance
Private Training



Jade will visit you and your pet in your own home for a private consultation. She will take a full history and assess your pet's management, lifestyle, current training and talk through any problems you are experiencing.

She will then work with you to create an effective behavioural management programme, tailored to suit both you and your pet’s individual circumstances. In many cases, issues can be resolved after one consultation with small changes in management and training. Other problems may need follow-up consultations and retraining to solve long-term.

The initial consultation takes around 2 hours which will include advice and practical training with you and your pet where appropriate. You will subsequently receive a full written behavioural report of the assessment including any management and training programmes. Email and telephone support is available throughout the process.

Adoption Guidance:

Animal Behaviour Matters provides a service to assist in matching you with the perfect life partner from beginning through to happy ending. Jade will arrange a time to discuss your expectations and goals for owning your new pet and what you are looking for, then accompany you through the adoption process and assist the settling in period.

Whether it’s your first pet or an additional companion for your current pet, it’s vital that you make the right decisions in choosing a new pet for your individual family and lifestyle circumstances. The pet you choose is a friend for life, so it is important you can come to a decision on the appropriate breed, size and personality of your new family member to have a happy outcome.

Jade can guide you through the whole process, from planning the type and breed of pet to select, buying the appropriate equipment and facilities to arrange prior to your new additions arrival through to accompanying you to shelters or assisting you to locate reputable breeders to suit your needs. Following the arrival of the new family member into your home, she provides guidance, support and advice on behavioural problems which might arise and a behavioural management plan to prevent these from occurring.

Getting a second dog can be a difficult task. Many attempts at adopting a companion for an already established family dog end in returning of adopted pets to shelters as the match just doesn’t work out. Finding the right match for your dog on the first go is therefore important for the adoptee and your current family pet. Adding additional dogs can be an exciting but stressful period for everyone in the family. We can help that make that transition smooth.

Adoption Guidance Package

Includes 1 counselling consultation to discuss your needs, up to 2 accompanied trips to the shelter to look for your new friend and assist in choosing the pet, ongoing guidance and training for two weeks post adoption. Discounted training and consultations sessions in the future.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions tailored to your needs either in the comfort of your home or at a location of your choice. All training is accomplished using rewards based methods in a clear, consistent manner. We can incorporate:
- Trick training
- Obedience
- Lifestyle training
- Healthcare training (nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, grooming), crate training.
- Socialisation

Travel expenses based on mileage are applicable for in-home visits.

Educational talks and seminars can be arranged upon request on a range of animal management, welfare and behaviour topics. Jade provides tailored talks for Dog Training Clubs, Dog Interest Groups, Local Government and Councils, TAFE Students, Animal Training Groups and private/corporate groups.


Jade is available for comment for Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Web-based media on a range of animal behaviour and training topics covering domestic, wild and captive animals.
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