Jade Fountain, BSc, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA - Behavioural Trainer

   Animal Behaviour Matters is owned and operated by Jade Fountain. Over the past 13 years, Jade has been working with companion animals, exotic and native species from marsupials (kangaroos and wallabies) to vultures, sea lions and cheetahs. Jade focuses on applied behaviour analysis and positive reinforcement to teach and change behaviour, in any species - dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, and small animals.

Jade is a qualified behavioural consultant, animal trainer and zookeeper. She has studied animal welfare, applied behaviour analysis and animal training. Currently completing a Masters in Science (Animal Behaviour), she holds a degree in zoology and psychology, with a specialisation in animal behaviour and personality. Her undergrad thesis looked at personality in Tasmanian devils. Jade has multiple certifications in animal care and welfare, she is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA) and has graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behaviour and Training, as a certified training partner.

Alongside working in the zoo industry, Jade is heavily involved in animal welfare and has spent many years working at RSPCA shelters across the country, where she has gained extensive experience with domestic animal behavioural welfare and development of behaviour modification for shelter animals in Australia and overseas. She also has involvement in the service dog industry training assistance dogs in autism, mobility and PTSD working roles, and has worked as a studio trainer on film sets. She has worked in prison dog programs, trained detection dogs and assessed ex-military dogs. Jade has a profound interest in conservation, endangered species and animal welfare and has worked in conservation based recovery programs throughout Australia and South Africa. She has worked for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Zoos Victoria and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. She has lived and worked in South Africa, with African wildlife rehabilitation, cheetah conservation programs including training cheetahs and developing behaviour modification programs, wildlife detection dog programs for critically endangered species, spent time with anti-poaching teams in the field and conducted behavioural field research in Botswana and South Africa.

   The knowledge she has gained from the zoo industry on working and training an array of different species is a valuable tool for training domestic pets and companion animals.
Jade regularly travels nationally and internationally to attend conferences and seminars on animal behaviour and training to maintain professional development and remain up to date with the most current scientific methods of training. Jade spent a lot of time living in the USA, studying and learning with some of the most respected animal behaviour professionals in the industry. She has learned, studied under and gained skills from:

- Dr Susan Friedman (Behaviour Works, USA)
- Steve Martin (Natural Encounters Inc., USA)
- Bob Bailey (Animal Behavior Enterprises, USA)
- Terry Ryan (Legacy Canine, USA)
- Ken Ramirez (John G. Shedd Aquarium, USA)
- Steve White (PRO Active K9, USA)
- Dr Grey Stafford, PhD (Zoomility, iReinforce, USA)
- Karen Pryor Academy (Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour, USA)
- Kay Laurence (Learning About Dogs, UK)
- Don Blair (SG K9, USA)
- Alexandra Kurland (The Clicker Center, USA)
- Grisha Stewart (Ahimsa Dog Training, USA)
- Kathy Sdao (Bright Spot Dog Training, USA)
- Barbara Heidenreich (Good Bird Inc, USA)
- Theresa McKeon (TAG Teach, USA)
- Dr Ian Dunbar (Sirius Puppy Training, USA)
- Wouter Stellaard (Columbus Zoo, USA)
- Peta Clarke (Animal Training Solutions, Australia)
- Parvene Farhoody (Behavior Matters, USA)

She has attended over a thousand hours of seminars and workshops on animal behaviour and training since 2009 across Australia and the USA, which has included training immersion at Disney Animal Kingdom, training with Bob Bailey to develop skills, spending two months with Terry Ryan at Legacy Canine and with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters at the free flight bird training facility in Florida. She is a registered orphan wildlife carer and has been involved in wildlife rescue and hand raising of orphans. Jade regularly presents public seminars and workshops on animal behaviour and the science of animal training across Australia to local dog training groups and clubs, dog walking interest groups and shelters. She has lectured for TAFE in Tasmania to Animal Studies students and has presented several talks at overseas institutions, including Milwaukee County Zoo, SeaWorld, Legacy Canine and Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation center.


Academic qualifications:

Bachelor of Science - Zoology/Psychology (University of Tasmania, Australia/University of Texas, USA)
Certificate IV Companion Animal Services (Richmond TAFE, Australia)
Certificate III Companion Animal Services (Box Hill TAFE, VIC, Australia)
Certificate III Captive Animal Management (Box Hill TAFE, VIC, Australia)
Certificate III Dog Behaviour & Training (Precise Training, VIC)
Certiciate II Animal Studies (Box Hill TAFE, VIC, Australia)
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)
Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner
TAG Teach Primary Level Certification

Recent seminars, courses & workshops:

- Making Dogs Happy Symposium, University of Sydney, AU (Professor Paul McGreevy)
- Learning Safari: Behaviour and Training Workshop, Monarto Zoo, AU (Wouter Stellaard, USA)
- Professional Animal Training Course, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA (Ken Ramirez, USA)
- 5 Go to Sea: Animal Training Cruise, Alaska (Ken Ramirez, Kay Laurence, Alexandra Kurland)
- Operant Conditioning Workshop: Discrimination 40hrs (Bob Bailey & Parvene Farhoody, USA)
- Operant Conditioning Workshop: Cueing 40hrs (Bob Bailey & Parvene Farhoody, USA)
- Operant Conditioning Workshop: Criteria 40hrs (Bob Bailey & Parvene Farhoody, USA)
- TAG Teach Primary Level Certification (Theresa McKeon, USA)
- Coaching People to Train Dogs (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy, Washington USA)
- 5 Go to Sea: Animal Training Cruise, Caribbean (Ken Ramirez, Kay Laurence, Alexandra Kurland, Jesus Rosales-Ruiz; USA)
- Tellington T-Touch Seminar, Linda Tellington-Jones, USA
- Professional Animal Training Seminar, 2013 QLD (Steve Martin, Natural Encounters Inc, USA)
- Raising the BaR: Taking Training to New Levels, 2013 (Steve White, PRO Active K9, USA)
- HITT Canine Tracking & Detection Workshop 2013 Sydney (Steve White, PRO Active K9, USA)
- Chicken Camp 101 - Discrimination (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy, Washington USA)
- Chicken Camp 201 - Cueing (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy, Washington USA)
- Step Up Training for DogSports (Kathy Sdao & Michelle Pouliet, USA)
- Canine Scent Detection Workshop (Don Blair, SG K9, USA)
- Science Based Dog Training with Feeling (Ian Dunbar, Dog Star Daily/SIRIUS Training, USA)
- Animal Behaviour with Bob Bailey (Bob Bailey, Animal Behaviour Enterprises, USA)
- Contemporary Animal Training & Management (Steve Martin, Susan Friedman, NEI, USA)
- Art & Science of Training Companion Parrots (Steve Martin, Natural Encounters Inc, USA)
- Living & Learning with Parrots (Dr Susan Friedman, Behavior Works, USA)
- Animal Behaviour Management Alliance Conference 2011, Colorado (Ken Ramirez, Gary Priest, Dr Susan Friedman, Steve Martin)
- The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, 2010, Denton, Texas
- The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, 2011, Denton, Texas
- Clickerexpo, 2010, Oregon, USA
- Clickerexpo, 2011, Newport Beach, USA
- Clickerexpo, 2012, Nashville, USA
- Ian Dunbar: Social Behaviour & Aggression, 2013, Melbourne, AU
- AZA: Animal Training Applications, Disney Animal Kingdom, FL USA (Dr Grey Stafford, Ken Ramirez, Michelle Skurski USA)
- Parrot Training and Enrichment (Barbara Heidenreich, Good Bird Inc., USA)
- Parrot Behaviour & Training Workshop (Jim McKendry, AU)
- Exotic Animal Training Professionals Workshop (Ken Ramirez, John G. Shedd Aquarium, USA)
- Parrots 2010 - Parrot Training Conference, Brisbane, AU (Steve Martin & Dr Susan Friedman)
- Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Conference, 2009 (Sarah Kalnjas & Dr Pam Reid)
- Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Conference, 2010 (Ken Ramirez & Steve White)
- Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Conference, 2012 (Grisha Stewart, Dr Sophia Yin, Pat Miller)
- Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Conference, 2015, QLD (Nando Brown, Chirag Patel)
- Canine physiological & psychological effects of reactivity, 2010, Perth AU (Dr Linda Marston)

Professional member of:
Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA)
Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)
Association of Pet Dog Trainers, AU (APDTA)
Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals
The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
Karen Pryor Certified Training Partners
Animal Behaviour Society (ABS)
Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)
Zoo Aquarium Association (ZAA)
Australasian Society of Zookeeping (ASZK)

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