Behaviour problems and management:

- Inappropriate elimination/ Toileting problems
- Scratching
- Aggressive to other cats/pets
- Socialisation
- Anxiety and aggression
- Vocalisation issues
- Crate training
- Medical behaviours: nail trim, grooming,
  worming and medication administration
Often owners experience frustrating issues with their cats but do not seek help as they do not realise it is available. Cats are very fast learners and incredibly eager to work, and are able to do just as many behaviours as dogs.

Understanding your cat’s behaviour and body language is essential to solving behaviour problems.
Mental stimulation can be twice as powerful as exercise for animals. Several fifteen minute sessions of learning new tricks and behaviours or problem solving (enrichment or interactive games) can tire a cat out.

Environmental enrichment and play is important to keep your cat happy and mentally stimulated. Choosing the right toys and equipment can be hard, but by providing appropriate toys that are long lasting and puzzles for problem solving can reduce or eliminate many problem behaviours such as attention seeking and scratching.

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