Behaviour Problems:

-          Ground work

-          Phobias

-          Manners – no more mugging!

-          Float loading

-          Farrier/Dentist manners

-          Socialisation

-          Trick training

-          Difficult to catch

-          Seperation Anxiety

-          Aggression

-          Handling and leading problems

Are you experiencing a horse that nips or constantly flattens their ears? Is your horse a bully, who often ignores your commands or appears to have selective hearing? Or do you have a nervous horse who presents fears to objects, situations or loading onto floats?

Horses often carry a history of behavioural baggage which is undesirable and oftentimes dangerous to owners or other animals. Many horses are given up or re-homed as problem behaviours become too much to work through or time consuming to overcome.  Frequently, horses just aren’t the ‘one’ and many animals pass from home to home countless times in their lives.
This process can be psychologically distressing to your horse, who has never learnt the appropriate behaviours or been shown how to improve undesirable ones. Insecurity and anxiety issues can result from never having a solid foundation in which to learn from and trust in people may be diminished.

Educating your horse to present with good manners on the ground is a vital stepping stone in reaching a safe and solid partnership in the saddle. Often times, establishing a clear, consistent bond with your horse through ground work and positive training, behavioural problems reduce or are completely eliminated.
Improving your handling techniques doesn’t have to be all about manners and good behaviour, incorporating trick training and games to stimulate your horses’ mind is a great building block to an improved relationship.

Jade will visit you and your horse at your stables or agistment complex for a private consultation. She will take a full history and assess your horse's management, lifestyle, current training and discuss any problems you are experiencing.

She will work with you to create an effective behavioural management and training programme, tailored to suit both you and your horse’s individual circumstances.

The initial consultation includes advice and practical training with you and your horse where appropriate. You will subsequently receive a full written behavioural report of the assessment including any management and training programmes. Email and telephone support is available throughout the process.

Contact Jade for an obligation free chat about your horses’ handling, behavioural or training concerns.
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