Jade from Animal Behaviour Matters has helped so much with our new mate Boots. Boots is a young Bull Mastiff cross who came to us as a rescue with some behavioural issues. At 40kg, he still thought that being with humans was all about jumping and biting. He was unmanageable when he came to us, but with Jade's help, four months later he is on his way to being a well mannered member of our family. With the techniques Jade has taught us, Boots has gone from being unmanageable on his walks to walking calmly next to me, and every day is learning to be more and more gentle when he plays.
The best thing Jade taught Boots and us was "targeting". This one thing makes life with a huge dog so much easier - we can use targeting to get Boots to move when he's feeling stubborn, get and hold his attention even under stressful conditions, and distract him from doing things I'd rather he wasn't - barking at someone, stealing cushions, or trying to play too roughly.
Boots now understands how to live in a house with people, and is a calmer, happier dog. I'm not sure we would have been able to keep him without Jade's help, but we are so happy that he is settling in so well now.
 Michele & Boots from Melbourne, Victoria



I would like to thank you for travelling out of your area (Hobart) to help train my little miniature schnauzer Gizzy and myself. The confidence I'm gaining as I learn along with Gizzy is amazing with your guidance I'm learning to be the leader Gizzy craves and I wouldn't be where I am with our training without you.
Gizzy and I still have a journey ahead of us, but with your help I know we can do it. Thanks so much to for your passion, commitment, time (both during and outside of our lessons) and knowledge you've given us. I urge anyone who would like to communicate on a deeper level with their best friend to give Animal Behaviour Matters a try.

 Lisa & Gizzy from Latrobe, Tasmania


Thanks for your help with Dakota. She is a changed dog. When we first got her as an abused and abandoned rescue girl, she was beyond miserable, timid and unpredictable. Now she is a devoted, confident and thoroughly wonderful friend. She really loves our training sessions, I think she is always racking her brain for new things to teach me! I have learnt much about myself by using your methods to become a good dog owner. Thanks again for working with us to give her a second chance at, what I hope, is now a truly happy life. She certainly looks content, curled up beside me in her beanbag, she is never far from my side these days – she thanks you too.

Graeme & Dakota, Canberra

You certainly proved 'you CAN teach an old dogs new tricks'. Fizz the wonder dog, a very sprightly 15 year old cattle dog, is now living a second childhood. He was really looking the part of a dog on his last legs; now I'm sure he thinks he is puppy again. By asking for a little work (which he sees as a fantastic game) each day, his whole being has changed. He is a lot more active and outgoing, and there is a real sparkle in his eyes now. He has been my mate for 15 years, you have made each day we still have a rewarding privilege to share for both of us – thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Bear & Fizz, Canberra

Brigalo, Dolly and Firefly would want me to thank you for teaching us your training methods – they are very happy horses these days. Your methods are such a great way to connect with their minds. When they see the reward bag they just light up with interest and eagerness to play our games (thanks for the lesson on anti-mugging too, because that saves us a lot of bullying horse behaviour). We are in awe at how these techniques can be used to modify all their behaviours, on the ground and in the saddle, fantastic! My farrier has commented on their changed manners, now they stand so quietly for their hooves being worked on. And we can't thank you enough for your help with float training – what a change, no more stress or risk of injury. Looking forward to our next session.

Our 3 horses, J & G, Canberra
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