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About Us

Animal Behaviour Matters is owned and operated by Jade Fountain, a fully qualified, internationally trained behaviour consultant who works with companion animals, exotic and native species. We provide expertise in working with everything from fish, marsupials and goats to vultures, sea lions and cheetahs. Our focus is founded on applied behaviour analysis and positive reinforcement to teach and change behaviour, in any species. We are also human coaches, dedicated to building knowledge, skills, passion and cohesion in animal care teams and with handlers.

Jade has studied animal behaviour, learning and welfare, applied behaviour analysis and zoology. Jade is currently completing a second Masters, in Applied Behaviour Analysis. She holds a Masters in Science (Animal Behaviour/Zoology), in which she studied reward pathways in the brain during learning in chickens, field observations of animal behaviour in Africa and aggressive behaviour in native birds as part of her academic research. She earned a degree in zoology/psychology at the University of Tasmania and University of Texas in Austin studying personality in Tasmanian devils and interning in a lab researching personality in explosive detector dogs. She is a Certified Dog and Cat Behaviour Consultant with the International Association for Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC),  a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and has graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behaviour and Training (KPA-CTP).

Jade promotes animal welfare foremost in behaviour modification. Jade has a background leading teams to develop innovative animal behaviour welfare for shelter animals in Australia and overseas. She has worked for the RSPCA as a behaviour manager, the service dog industry, training assistance dogs for autism, mobility and PTSD roles, as a studio dog trainer on film sets in the USA, led prison dog programs, trained detection dogs and conducted assessments for ex-military dogs. A profound interest in conservation led to her working in threatened species recovery programs throughout Australia and South Africa, including the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Zoos Victoria and ACT Parks and Conservation. Some of this work has been with wildlife rehabilitation, cheetah conservation programs including training cheetahs and developing behaviour modification programs, wildlife detection dog programs for critically endangered species, anti-poaching aid, and conducting behavioural field research in Botswana and South Africa. She has consulted with teams in behaviour change and training for native threatened species and exotics across Australia.

Jade is an international presenter and teacher who presents public seminars and workshops on animal behaviour and the science of animal training and learning. Jade has demonstrated experience coaching human teams to train animals through workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and the US. She has worked with dog handlers, zoos and wildlife parks and taught university and TAFE animal training workshops. Presentations have included the Animal Behavior Management Alliance conference, International Society of Applied Ethology conferences, dog training groups and clubs, dog walking interest groups, overseas animal facilities and shelters.