Bird Behaviour & Training

Behaviour change you’ve been seeking to achieve with your bird starts here

Jade will visit you in your home, take a functional assessment of behaviour, environment, lifestyle and discuss problems you are experiencing. She will work with you to create a behaviour management program, tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

The initial consultation takes anywhere up to 2 hours which will include advice and practical training, a full written behaviour report including any management and training programs. Email and telephone support is available.

Initial behaviour consult – $350
(allow 60-90 minutes)

Follow up session – $150 per hour

****Currently sessions are online only (Zoom or Skype) due to Covid-19.****

Travel expenses based on mileage are applicable for in-home visits across or outside of the Yass Valley and Canberra region. 

Behaviour Support

You need our expertise. Your bird needs your support.

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Aggression and biting
  • Excessive vocalisation and screaming
  • Separation distress
  • Step up and safe handling
  • Feather picking


We work with all birds, from budgies & parrots to emus

  • Voluntary medical behaviours: nail & beak trims, wing and body inspections, oral and eye medication application, handling
  • Recall and flight from A to B
  • Trick training – build confidence and improve relationship

Flight Training

Indoor and safe space

  • Build confidence, reduce fear and aggression with indoor flight training skills
  • Recalling, safety training in case of escape
  • If suitable, flight training skills can be built to safe outdoor places

Thanks again for coming out to help us with our 5yr old Quaker parrot. Your professional advice and customised training program has really helped us get our parrots screaming and biting under control. He has shown a very positive response just in a week. Many thanks!!

Eileen & Peanut, Quaker Parrot – Sydney