Cat Behaviour & Training

Expert behaviour change is possible with your cat

Yes! Cats can be trained! Cats can learn just as many things as dogs – and it’s very good for their mental health and enriching to learn new behaviours. Many people aren’t aware there is help for problem behaviour with cats. 

Jade will visit you and your cat in your home, take a full functional analysis on environment, management, lifestyle and discuss problems you are experiencing. She will work with you to create a behaviour program, tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

The initial consultation takes anywhere up to 2 hours. Your sessions will include advice and practical training with you and your cat, a full written behaviour report (time included) including any management and customised training programs.

Initial behaviour consult – $350
(allow 60-90 minutes)

Follow up session – $150 per hour

****Currently sessions are online only (Zoom or Skype) due to Covid-19.****

Travel expenses based on mileage are applicable for in-home visits across or outside of the Yass Valley and Canberra region. 

Behaviour Support

Common Feline Behaviour Complaints

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Inappropriate toileting, spraying and litter box issues
  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Biting and aggression
  • Multi-cat house hold aggression

Training & Learning

Have fun with your cat – take your relationship to the next level

  • Voluntary medical behaviours: nail trims, body handling, step onto scales, oral medications.
  • Crate loading: voluntarily enter their pet carrier.
  • Recall successfully.
  • Teach your cat to sit, lay down, spin, high five or do obstacle courses.
  • Wear a harness
  • Veterinary visits without stress

Introductions to New Animals

Cats can find it hard to adjust to newcomers

  • Dog-cat introductions
  • New cat or kitten introductions

Enrichment & Indoor Setups

Keeping cats happy inside

Advice on environmental set-ups for a thriving indoor cat. Safe and entertained.


“We were at our wits end with our 10 month old kitten. Thinking we would have to re-home her, we reached out to Jade and in three sessions our kitten has lost her anxiety, stopped meowing constantly and has been trained to sit and station.

Thank you so much for helping our family! It’s amazing how much you can teach cats.”

Trina & Mishka, Ragdoll – Canberra