Dog Behaviour & Training

Expert behaviour change for you and your dog

Jade will visit you and your dog in your home, take a functional assessment of behaviour, environment, lifestyle and discuss problems you are experiencing. She will work with you to create a behaviour program, tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

The initial consultation takes anywhere up to 2 hours which will include advice and practical training, a full written behaviour report, management and training programs. Email and telephone support is available.

Initial behaviour consult – $450
(includes written report, allow 60-90 minutes)

Follow up session – $190 (allow 60 mins, includes behaviour notes)

****Currently sessions are online only (Zoom or Skype) due to Covid-19.****

Travel expenses based on mileage are applicable for in-home visits across the Yass Valley and Canberra regions.

Behaviour Support

Let us help you get relief from feeling embarrassed or frustrated.

  • Fears and anxiety
  • Separation distress
  • Resource guarding
  • Social skills
  • Relaxation and calm training


Low Stress Vet Behaviours

Dogs don’t have to be scared at the vet clinic or groomers. We can help you teach your dog to participate in their own health care and wellbeing checks.

  • Ear and eye cleaning
  • Mouth open for dental check/brush
  • Lie on side
  • Nail clipping made easy
  • Grooming procedures
  • Injection and blood draws
  • Paw handling, body handling
  • Restraint


Leash Walking Skills

  • Loose leash walking
  • Help for reactive dogs
  • Dog-dog interactions


Successful Recalls

We can help you with a good relationship. And a reliable recall.

Recalls and emergency recalls.


Can’t They All Just Get Along?

Bringing home a new dog? Adding a cat to the family?

  • Dog-dog introductions
  • Cat-dog and other animal introductions


The Educated Dog

Do more with your dog, have a great relationship built out of fun behaviours.

  • Foundation skills: target, eye contact, sit, lay down, wait, stand.
  • Home helper dogs (pick up items, help hang out the washing, load the washing machine, carry items, fetch item from fridge).
  • Painting
  • Complex behaviours



“Helped me with my newly adopted shelter dog when I was at my wit’s end. Helped me understand what was happening and why, and what to do next for the result we wanted. Many years on, the good foundations have helped form a great relationship with my now stressfree dog.”

Michele & Boots, Bullmastiff – Melbourne