Horse Behaviour & Training

Expert behaviour change for you and your horse

Jade will visit you and your horse at your property or agistment complex, carry out functional assessments of behaviour, environment, management, lifestyle and discuss problems you are experiencing. She will work with you to create a behaviour management program, tailored to suit your individual circumstances. We work with on the ground behaviour only – not in the saddle.

The initial consultation takes anywhere up to 2 hours which will include advice and practical training with you and your horse, a full written behaviour report (time included) including any management and training programs. Email and telephone support is available.

Initial behaviour consult – $350
(allow 60-90 minutes)

Follow up session – $150 per hour

****Currently sessions are online only (Zoom or Skype) due to Covid-19.****

Travel expenses based on mileage are applicable for in-home visits across or outside of the Yass Valley and Canberra region.

Float Loading

Did you know horses can walk onto floats and trailers with one cue? And feel good about it? There is no need to push, shove and feel frustrated until you are exhausted.

Voluntary loading into floats, low stress and important in an emergency.
We can help with horses that have a fear of loading, or just need confidence building to load easily.

Easy Handling, Haltering & Catching

Have a horse that is ‘difficult’ to catch? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We can help with teaching your horse to self load into halters, recall when needed, recall in case of emergency and easily be caught in the paddock.

Voluntary Health Care Behaviour

Is your horse scared of farriers or vets?

  • Low stress health care: fly sprays and ointment applications, hoof handling, body handling, grooming.
  • Medical behaviours: injection desensitisation and worming without stress.


We can help resolve fears, anxiety and aggression through the interaction with your horse on the ground. Tricks are not just for show ponies – they are often the foundation of other behaviours that help us interact in better ways and are mentally stimulating for your horse.

  • Target training
  • Helping replace mugging or crowding behaviour
  • Trick training – retrieve, sit, lay down, shake hands, paw ground, bow


We also work with donkeys, mini horses and mini donkeys.