Animal Behaviour & Training Consultations

Jade will help you understand your animal’s behaviour and will work with you to tailor a behaviour support program for your individual circumstances.

Livestock, Farm Animals & Poultry
Small Animals
Zoological & Wildlife


Media: TV, Radio, Freelance Writing & Print

Jade is available for comment and appearance for Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Web-based media on a range of animal behaviour and training topics covering domestic, wild and animals in human care.

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Seminars, Workshops & Coaching

We provide tailored talks. 

Whole, half or part day seminars about animal behaviour and training.

  • Fear-free Veterinary Visits – reducing stress and home care
  • Recognising and responding to Canine or Feline Body Language
  • Bite Prevention, Safe Handling, Dealing with Dangerous Dogs, Cat Handling
  • Reinforcement based learning for any species
  • Successful and Safe Dog & Cat Foster for Rescue
  • Bringing home a new dog/cat
  • Puppy socialisation and setting puppies up for success
  • Science of animal training, learning theory & applied behaviour analysis
  • Dog-dog interactions
  • Empathy, resilience and coaching the human half of the leash
  • Science of fear, anxiety and stress
  • Specific training issues: Loose leash walking, jumping, over-aroused, mouthing, fear, anxiety, etc.
  • Clicker training workshops – upskill your mechanical skills, team building, improve timing, reinforcement delivery and observation skills.
  • Training games
  • Practical dog training workshops including Home Helping Canines, Vet Cooperative Care, Scent, Service dog behaviours, Trick dog workshops.
  • Chicken training workshops – we run workshops using chickens as models to help you become a faster, better trainer.

Some of our Workshop Clients

Jade provides tailored workshops for animal handling and clicker training skills for:

  • Dog Training Clubs
  • Public seminars
  • Farm sanctuaries
  • Local Government and Council
  • Animal Shelters
  • Zoos, Wildlife parks & Aquariums
  • TAFE Students
  • Universities
  • Animal Training Groups/Professionals
  • Private/Corporate groups

Staff Coaching & Training

Consulting with animal care teams to run on site workshops, tailor made for your facility.

We work with animal pounds and shelters, zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, animal management and council facilities, and research facilities that use training and conditioning.

We will run workshops to develop animal training skills, mechanics, observation skills, functional behaviour analysis use, body language and safety with animal handling.

We have demonstrated expertise in delivering behaviour programs for animal care settings and consulting with shelters on shelter layout and design, improved adoptions, behaviour programs and staff workshops. We have provided staff training for numerous large shelters and service dog organisations in Australia.


Highlights of our Work

Previous presentations, workshops and seminars have included:

  • 2022 Kindness is Essential Not Option Dog Behaviour Conference Expert guest
  • 2021 Association of Behaviour Analysis Australia Conference Invited speaker
  • 2021 Association of Professional Dog Trainers, New Zealand, Speaker 
  • 2021 Geek Week Science Conference, Pet Professional Guild
  • 2019 Animal Behaviour Management Alliance Conference, Oregon, USA
  • 2019 International Society for Applied Ethology Conference, Bergen, Norway
  • 2019 ISAE Conference – Australasia-Africa, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2019 & 2021 Canine Behaviour School, Adelaide, Australia
  • Napier Dog Training Club, New Zealand
  • Hundhörnan Skåne & Djurvetologen, Lomma, Sweden
  • Huon Valley Dog Walking Association, Tasmania, Australia thanks to Bendigo Bank
  • Bonorong Wildlife Park, Tasmania, Australia
  • University of New England, Australia
  • University of Adelaide, Australia – Applied Behaviour Analysis for Animals Course
  • RSPCA South Australia Staff, Fosters & Volunteers, Australia
  • TAFE Tasmania, Australia
  • Bowning-Bookham Landcare, NSW, Australia
  • Moholoholo Wildlife, South Africa
  • Milwaukee Zoo, Wisconsin, USA
  • Legacy Canine, Washington State, USA
  • Houston Zoo, Texas, USA
  • Seaworld San Antonio, USA
  • Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Host International Speakers

We believe that bringing the best learning opportunities from listening to all kinds of speakers.

We have previously hosted Terry Ryan for Chicken Camps (Hobart, 2013).