Small Animal Behaviour & Training

Big behaviour changes for small animals

Consultations are run on Skype or Zoom. Jade will coach you on training exercises to improve confidence, achieve new behaviours and aid anxieties/aggressions and problems.

The initial consultation takes anywhere up to 90 minutes which will include advice and practical training, a written behaviour report including any management and training programs.

Contact for pricing.

Behaviour Support & Training for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Rodents

  • Support for fears, anxiety, aggression, toilet training, fear of handling.
  • Recall and loading into pet carriers
  • Medical training: voluntary nail trims, eye and ear ointment application, low stress handling.
  • Tricks – high fives, agility, obstacles, target and station training. Small animals very much benefit from the mental stimulation of learning new skills, which builds confidence and your relationship.