I was having problems with my beautiful but reactive bullmastiff girl Bella and was so lucky and fortunate to be able to have Jade come and help us get on the right track. Jade took into account my previous training experience with different species, was super patient and just had a wonderful calm presence about her. I loved how she worked with different animals – not just dogs. Jade has given me the confidence to now be able to take Bella out and about and enjoy our outings. I am so super grateful – thank you Jade!

Alicia & Bella, Bullmastiff - Sydney

Jade Helped us with our dog Smithy when he was young and we’ve never looked back – the skills and tricks she shared have been invaluable. We often get told how well behaved he is! Thanks Jade.

Jade & Smithy, Smithfield sheepdog - Melbourne

I sought help from Animal Behaviour Matters when my two dogs started fighting to the point of injuring each other.  I was horrified that I was going to need to rehome one due to safety reasons which goes against everything I believe in.  I knew I needed professional help.

Jade was amazing!  She had so many useful and manageable strategies that made such an impact on the relationship between my two dogs and my stress levels.  She gave me the tools to identify problems early and problem solve them as they come up.

Slowly but surely their relationship improved and it even survived my older dog’s 3 cruciate repairs when he was grumpier than usual!

I can’t recommend Jade highly enough!

Michelle, Spot & Coops, Dalmatian & Staffy mix - Tasmania

Preparing to teach an intro to targeting class at the dog training club on Sunday. Reminiscing on when you taught me and Digger “touch” in our lounge room. What a long time ago that was, what a long way we’ve come since! Digger has been a challenge, but so rewarding and the light of my life. Thanks for your help and patience way back when.

Shannon & Digger, Collie x - Tasmania

Jade has a wealth of expertise in behavioural training across a variety of species. Her ability to connect with people and help to transfer knowledge to people is fantastic. She is very well qualified, but always looking to increase her knowledge and expertise and remain up to date with latest methods and research. A very positive person 🙂

Sarah, Tasmania

Jade has the most incredible depth of knowledge due to her experience (practical and theoretical) training many different species of animals. She is highly recommended if you need assistance with practical animal training or delivery of lectures and talks.

Kate, SA

Just wanted to let you know how much improved Rusty is now. About 2 years since we met you. Although I still cross the road if a dog is coming towards us, Rusty no longer loses his cool and does not react at all to them. He does however still look to see where they are. But our trust is super great now so I imagine he fully trusts me to look after his safety.

Melinda & Rusty, Labrador - Tasmania

Thanks again for coming out to help us with our 5yr old Quaker parrot. Your professional advice and customised training program has really helped us get our parrots screaming and biting under control. He has shown a very positive response just in a week. Many thanks!!

Eileen & Peanut, Quaker Parrot – Sydney

Jade is approachable, kind and compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable about all things behaviour. Her background and extensive experience in training many animals helps her provide a professional service that gets results. And she genuinely cares about her clients and the animals in her care. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Petra, SA

We were at our wits end with our 10 month old kitten. Thinking we would have to re-home her, we reached out to Jade and in three sessions our kitten has lost her anxiety, stopped meowing constantly and has been trained to sit and station.

Thank you so much for helping our family! It’s amazing how much you can teach cats.

Trina & Mishka, Ragdoll - Canberra

Jade has been wonderful to work with. She has a lot of experience, is very knowledgeable, and is clearly a very caring person. Her communication is great and she provides so much information during the session and after, so you can explore issues in more detail. She was so calm and patient with our anxious dog and spent the time to really get to know her. Our dog feels comfortable with Jade and responded really well to Jade’s gentle training methods.

During our first session with Jade we saw an improvement in how our dog was listening to us, and we continue to see improvements in our dogs behaviour thanks to Jade. I’d highly recommend Jade.

Sam, Indigo & Atari, Japanese Spitz - NSW

Jade is an incredibly thoughtful, patient and thorough teacher both for animals and humans! We started working with her to figure out how to convince our cat to let us sleep past the early hours of the morning, but ended up learning so much more. He now has a repertoire of adorable tricks and skills, including doing scent work like a sniffer-cat! Jade has helped us to better understand our cat and really transform our relationship with him into something even more positive and enriching. She always provides incredibly detailed feedback and answers all of our (many) questions. We can’t recommend her enough!

Lauren & Kinako, British Shorthair cat, Canberra

Jade is very easy to talk to and knows what questions to ask to be able to address the root of the problem. She gave sound advice on transitioning Loki, my recently retired working dog, into a home environment with small kids, a 15-year-old Chihuahua, a chinchilla and chickens. She made what I thought was going to be a stressful, and possibly unsuccessful, transition into a relaxed, predictable and lovely addition to our home. It has now been almost 4 years and you would never know this pup had any other life than living harmoniously with our family. The foundation skills she taught our family has helped us with additional animals that have joined our crew. I highly recommend Jade for any animal species you may have!

Sarah, Loki - Working Dog, Seattle USA

We reached out to Jade for help with training our two juvenile emus. Jade is fantastic! In a few short sessions, she taught us the basics of animal psychology, how to understand the emu’s perspectives, and how to use this knowledge to shape the animal’s behaviour. Her training was systematic, fun, and extremely effective – we had our emus clicker-trained in no time (using a ‘clicker’ to signal reward, just as you would with a dog). Now we can call our adult emus and show them where to go using a visual cue (target’). They step on scales so that we can weigh them, and stand completely still while we pet them and examine their legs. My favourite thing about working with Jade is that she makes the animal’s wellbeing her first priority – we never had to force our emus to do anything they didn’t want to do, and instead shaped their behaviour using rewards and her understanding of animal psychology. It was an absolute privilege working with such an expert and truly baffling to see how well our emus responded!

W & B, Emus, ACT Region

I would like to thank you for travelling out of your area to help train my little miniature schnauzer Gizzy and myself. The confidence I’m gaining as I learn along with Gizzy is amazing with your guidance I’m learning to be the person Gizzy needs me to be and I wouldn’t be where I am with our training without you. Gizzy and I still have a journey ahead of us, but with your help I know we can do it. Thanks so much to for your passion, commitment, time (both during and outside of our lessons) and knowledge you’ve given us. I urge anyone who would like to communicate on a deeper level with their best friend to give Animal Behaviour Matters a try.

Lisa & Gizzy, Miniature Schnauzer - Tasmania

Banjo is great!! He has come ahead leaps and bounds!!! The whole experience has certainly given him lots of great adventures.
Meeting lots of people and loads of new places. We walked him down Hastings street in Noosa last week and wow what a great job he did!!  We are still very aware of his concerns and he has a escape route back into the van if he is worried. We have met thousands of people that have or had boxers and always stop to have a pat or a brag about their dogs..

Nikki & Banjo, Boxer -Tasmania


I recently attended a workshop run by Jade. Her knowledge demonstrates her expertise in animal behaviour and she communicates in a clear and accessible manner, being kind, respectful and friendly at all times to her human learners. My only disappointment is that it was over too soon, as I am sure she has much more to share and teach!

Anna, Adelaide

Jade was passionate and showed commitment. The hands on work and the opportunity to experience animal training was an exciting experience. Her presentations were full of great content. Jade respects and appreciates her students.

Animals & Ethics Student

We did a 2 day seminar with Jade. It was amazing and I learnt so much and made me really think about the way we do things and the way our learners may perceive things during training and that sometimes it’s not what we think. It also was a bunch fun which make learning easier!! Thank you Jade for taking the time to spend with us and share your amazing knowledge !!

Sharon, Adelaide

I did a chicken camp with Jade as well as was educated through some excellent games that explore the responses of animals to different behavioural management techniques. Highly recommended her respectful, evidence based approach to helping animals and their humans! It’s also fantastic enrichment for everyone!

Bindi, Tasmania


We would like to say a very special thank you for all the information and education you have provided us. Your knowledge and experience has been invaluable to many of us and it was certainly an amazing opportunity to have received. We appreciate the assistance you have given us with the cheetah cubs and for providing us with a foundation for our knowledge and training. What we, the staff, enjoy the most is watching our babies bond, learn and grow and you have aided in their development. We thank you for this.

Wildlife Rehab Team, South Africa