Zoological & Wildlife Behaviour, Training & Conditioning Solutions

We want you to succeed at animal training in your facility. We provide coaching and support for animal care teams to develop, extend or refresh their animal training skills. We assist with basic to advance animal training, no matter where you are on your training journey.

    • Develop training plans
    • Problem solve behaviour issues
    • Break down training tasks that aren’t getting results
    • Build better trainer practical skills
    • Enhance safety for staff and animals

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    Behaviour Consults

    • Aggression, fear & anxiety
    • Shifting and moving
    • Crate and transport training
    • A to Bs
    • Recalls
    • Emergency recalls
    • Medical & husbandry behaviour: weights, injection training, blood draw training, body inspection and presentation, targeting, stationing

    Staff Coaching & Training

    • Staff training workshops to build skills in reinforcement based training and behaviour problem solving
    • Applied behaviour analysis & clicker training skills
    • Mechanical skills workshops to improve timing, observation and fluency in training
    • Basics to advanced training workshops

    Education & Ambassador Animals

    • Building confidence and safety behaviours for animals playing a role in education and presentations
    • Safe handling, choice and reinforcement
    • Problem solving aggression and fear

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